Ep. 128: How to Get 20x More Shares On LinkedIn

November 9, 2017

Plenty of marketers think having a LinkedIn presence is enough. They’re wrong.


Earlier this year, LinkedIn added a new feature that let publishers upload native video content, and more importantly, see into the analytics — like who’s watching and what company they work for.


And now, the professional network has announced their push into selling video ads.


Better late than never, right?


This is a huge opportunity for early adopters to amplify their content on a platform that hasn’t been saturated by advertisers...yet.


And if you’re not using these features — and using them in a way to maximize attention and engagement — then you’re leaving all that highly engaged potential LinkedIn traffic you could be generating out in the cold.


Not to worry — we’re here to guide you in the right direction, plus update you on the latest news that matters in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery.