Ep. 78: What You Can Learn from the Rise of Streaming

April 19, 2017

There’s been a huge turnover in industry leaders in a very short amount of time. Instead of Blockbuster, we now stream movies and shows on Netflix. People are using Uber instead of calling a cab. Even big hotel chains are playing second fiddle to Airbnb.

So how are these multi-billion dollar companies losing customers to rapidly growing startups? With such large budgets, how did they miss the mark and fail to keep up?

They made the mistake of getting comfortable, relying on the status quo to maintain their success. And now, even businesses that you wouldn’t expect to be easily affected by the advances of technology are seeing tough competition.

That’s why it’s important to stay on top of marketing and business news every single week. It’s important to learn from today’s big fish like Google and Facebook, who know that the next obstacle is just around the corner and the fight to stay on top is never over.

So tune into this week’s podcast to hear the latest news in tech, social media, and video marketing!


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