Ep. 110: How Green Screens Hurt Your Overall Production Value (And What To Do Instead)

August 9, 2017

Way too often, businesses reach out to the WireBuzz team with a request that makes me cringe...

They want to create a green screen video.

But here’s the thing..

Green screen videos are rarely appropriate for their business objective.

In fact, the majority of video projects we complete for our clients would perform worse if we implemented green screen technology.

There are several reasons for this.

So as you listen to today’s podcast, you’ll learn when to use green screen for your videos and when not to.

And as always, we’ll discuss all the major news headlines that matter to video marketers.


Ep. 109: Google vs. YouTube: How to Maximize Video Rankings On Each, with Eric Enge

August 7, 2017

What makes videos rank on Google compared to YouTube?

Google owns YouTube, so it would make sense if they used the same algorithm, right?

But that's not the case.

Savvy video marketers understand that the purpose of Google and YouTube is, first and foremost, to deliver revenue.

Thus, each platform has different algorithms to maximize that objective.

Then, you have to consider user intent (clue: people go to Google to find quick answers, but they're likely to spend more time on YouTube consuming content).

So how do you create the right video strategy to maximize your goals on both platforms?

I'm glad you asked :)

Because my guest on this week's podcast is Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting AND 2016 Search Marketer of the Year.

Eric recently did a study to evaluate which videos do better on Google compared to YouTube, and the results were shocking!

So listen in to discover how to optimize your videos to dominate both search engines.


Ep. 108: Three Daily Success Rituals That Create Video Marketing Masters

August 2, 2017

You don't have to be the smartest or brightest person in your field to become an expert.

That's a birth-blessing that only happens to a lucky few in every industry, and luck didn't strike me.

In spite of that, I learned how to be resourceful and it made up the difference.

So tune into this week's podcast because I'm going to share three daily success rituals that have transformed me into a video marketing master.

It's how I stay cutting-edge...

It's how I'm able to share relevant and unique information...

It's how I'm able to help businesses generate more revenue and go to the next level using video...

And it's a lot simpler than you may think.


Ep. 107: The 7 Most Significant Social Platforms for Video Marketers

August 1, 2017

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram...

Most of us are familiar with the big 3 social platforms for video marketers. However, they're not the only ones catering their focus to video to meet consumer preferences.

Twitch is the world's leading video platform for gamers, and Musical.ly is a platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos.

Each community has over 10 million daily active users and they're growing fast.

But there's more...

Inside of this fast-and-fun podcast episode, we'll look at the seven most significant social platforms for video marketers, and share tips to leverage each one's unique personality.

Because syndicating the same video across each platform is a big no-no.

I'll be joined by Greg Jarboe, President of SEO-PR and thought leader in the video marketing space.

Together, we'll keep you up to speed with the latest developments in video marketing, including some shocking announcements from the VidCon event this past June.

  • What are the 5 big enhancements YouTube is making to their platform?
  • Where is video headed on Instagram?
  • If I gave Greg a free million dollars to invest in either Musical.ly or Twitter, where does he think that money would grow faster?

Tune into this week's episode to find out!


Ep. 106: Selecting the Right Key Performance Indicators for Your Online Video

July 26, 2017

I see businesses make the same mistake far too often with their videos...

They define how successful their video is by views… and that’s it.

Unfortunately, views don’t tell paint the entire picture.

Sure, views definitely don’t hurt. You want a lot of people to watch your video, right? But if you want to track the true success of your video — and measure ROI — you have to look beyond how many people viewed it.

Having a clearly defined set of goals is one of the most important steps in creating videos that succeed online. Before you ever write a script or hit record, your team needs to understand (and hopefully agree on) how success is going to be measured.

That’s why in this episode, I’m breaking down how to select the right video KPI’s (key performance indicators) along with specific questions you can ask to guide your next conversation with your team.

And as always, we’ll uncover all of the major news headlines that matter to video marketers.

Ready? Let’s roll!


Ep. 105: Talk Triggers: How to Turn Your Customers into Raving Advocates for Your Business, with Jay Baer

July 25, 2017

Standing out in today’s world isn’t as easy as it used to be.

It's noisier than ever, and customers are inundated with information. Social media feeds, emails, TV commercials, online ads… it seems nearly impossible to stand out and grab someone’s attention (and even harder to hold it).

It feels like the more we try to communicate, the more our customers ignore it.

It sounds counterintuitive, but the most successful businesses aren’t spending more on marketing and advertising — they’re actually spending less.

Why? Because they’re encouraging their customers to tell their story for them.

My guest on the podcast is none other than social media and customer service expert Jay Baer. Jay's approach to cut through the noise and stand out is simple, yet powerful: Deliver such an incredible experience for your customers that they WANT to tell their friends about you!

Jay calls these "talk triggers," and it's how he has been able to create loyal brand advocates who willingly share and promote their amazing experiences with their friends.

If you’re looking for ways to create a tribe of raving fans who become viral advocates for your business, then you don’t want to miss my interview with Jay Baer!


Ep. 104: LinkedIn’s New Video Feature: What Marketers Need to Know

July 19, 2017

It seems like every social platform has responded to the video-first world we’re living in.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat — everyone is investing in video to keep their users coming back for more.

But one platform is limping into the party late, and it’s time to call them out...

LinkedIn is finally adding native video to their platform, which is a signal that most businesses still don’t understand the impact video can have on your bottom line.

But even though they’re about three years late, LinkedIn’s new update includes some interesting features that businesses should pay close attention to (which keeps me interested for now).

From LinkedIn’s new native video feature to the latest news that matters to video marketers, it’s all going down in this week’s episode!


Ep. 103: Sales Psychology: How to Maximize Your Potential and Crush Your Quota, with Dan Lier

July 18, 2017

Dan Lier has spoken all over the world, training and inspiring hundreds of thousands on how to master the art of sales. But, he also understands that crushing your quota isn’t just about prospect calls and clever pitches.

Sales is more than just a numbers game. It’s a mental game, too. The greatest salespeople in the world aren’t always the most talented, but they find an edge by mastering sales psychology.

And most importantly, they believe in themselves as much as their product or service.

I had the chance to connect with Dan while I was on vacation in Hermosa Beach, and as you’ll hear in our interview, Dan reveals the secrets to sales performance, and what it really takes to crush your quota!


Ep. 102: How to Double Your Website Engagement

July 12, 2017

Ever since we launched the Video Marketing Mastery Podcast, it’s been a goal of mine to do one thing:

Help you become a better digital marketer.

It’s the main reason this podcast is about so much more than just video marketing strategies. Every time we publish a new episode, I want to help you take another step towards understanding how to leverage the power of video to grow your business.

But to do that, you need a balance of tips and tactics, along with the latest news and trends.

So in this episode, we’re uncovering the biggest stories and headlines from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google to help you stay ahead of the curve and understand the role video plays in growing your business.

Plus, I’ll explain the one thing you must have on your website if you want to double your engagement rates!

Ready? Let’s go!


Ep. 101: How to Supercharge Your Content Strategy with Video (with Marcus Sheridan)

July 11, 2017

It used to be if you wanted to make a purchase or do business with someone, you would have to get on the phone or meet with a sales rep.

But it’s 2017, and the ways in which we prefer to make a buying decision has drastically changed.

Customers are bypassing your sales team and doing their own research on their own time. They don’t want to be hassled by a sales rep; they’d rather read reviews, browse your website, and search YouTube to get their questions answered.

In fact, most of your customers don’t want to deal with a salesperson until they have to make a purchase.

Now more than ever, the buyer is in control of the sales process, not the salesperson. Today, a smooth buyers journey is paved with content (at least for businesses that adapt), and if you want to more customers to the finish line sooner, video is the way to go.

If there’s anyone who understands the role and value of video in the sales process, it’s Marcus Sheridan. You might know him as The Sales Lion, but to me, he’s the king of using content to build trust and drive sales.

That’s why I’ve invited Marcus to join me again on the podcast to talk about how buying habits have changed, and how smart businesses are using content — not sales people — to sell their products or services.

Tune in to hear how your business can use the most powerful sales tool to pave the way for your customers — video!