Ep. 115: Why Most Business Videos Fail, and How To Ensure Yours Succeed

August 31, 2017

Just because little Timmy has a camera and plays 6 hours of Starcraft everyday on his computer doesn’t qualify him as the best video production partner for your online business video.

Nor is the wedding videographer who did a fantastic job capturing the bride and groom’s sentimental moments.

As ridiculous as this sounds, I see marketers make this mistake all the time when their boss tasks them with creating a business video.

They start by asking, “Who do I know that has a camera?”

My friends, I’m telling you that’s the wrong way to get started, and it’s one of the main reasons why most business videos fail.

When you’re looking for someone to create your online business video, you need someone who already lives in the digital marketing world  — experts who specialize in conversions.

Because digital marketing experts will know how to map out the right strategy to generate results with that video.

Think about it like this...

Generating ROI with your business video is just like a passenger train.

You need to lay the tracks BEFORE you start the train, otherwise your passengers will never reach the final destination where they can BUY.

This is all lined out in the strategy phase before you start the creative process.

So listen in to discover how to build your train tracks the right way so that you ensure your business video succeeds.