Ep. 113: Why Amazon Might Expand Their Services (And How to Know If You Should Too)

August 22, 2017

Are there additional services you could provide to offer a more complete experience for your customers?”


Before you answer, let me give you an example...


After working with dozens of clients, we noticed a recurring speed bump that was delaying our video marketing projects.


Often times, the client needed their web developer to add critical components to their website in order for the video to perform successfully.


And in some cases, they needed to create a brand new site.


As you can imagine, this was pushing back timelines and adding another layer of complexity to the client’s project.


So that’s when I asked myself, “How can I better cater to our existing clients?”


Suddenly, I had my lightbulb moment.


I tapped into my existing contacts, brought a web-developer onto my team, and started providing web-development services for our clients.


Now, if our clients need it, we’re able to optimize their website without delaying our primary business.


PLUS, we increased our revenue because 30% of our clients needed to update their website to get the best results from the video marketing tactics we were recommending.

So, I invite you to ask, “How can you better cater to your existing clients?”


And if you want to hear how Amazon is implementing this strategy into their business, along with the latest news in video marketing, then tune into today’s episode.


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