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Ep. 251: 5G Will Transform Sales & Marketing Teams For Ever!

September 10, 2020

At their annual new product announcement event on Sep. 15, Apple is expected to unveil their first iPhones with 5G capabilities! This is going to dramatically increase bandwidth… but more on 5G as we proceed. 

Apple is also re-imagining their business right now!

“Part of Google’s mobile search success relies on the fact that it’s the default search engine for the iPhone. The company has paid billions for that privilege over the years. But there’s evidence that Apple might be building a search engine to take on Google – for real this time.”

This quote comes from Greg Stirling, who recently wrote an article talking about whether Apple is getting real about Search and about to take on Google. Safari is the most popular mobile browser in the U.S.; Chrome is second. 

Early adopters generate freakish results because at the beginning, there’s so many more eyeballs watching than content creators. For over 20 years, I’ve followed Google’s direction, like it was my North Star, and each time my results have been remarkable. If you know where the Apple road is headed, you can position your business to be one of the early birds that gets the worms. 

The internet is the great disruptor for now...but there’s a new disruptor coming. The internet’s bad ass little brother: Bandwidth.

In 2003, when I was leading digital marketing initiatives at the Premiere Radio Network in Hollywood, I had to report weekly to the head of the network on the type of content that’s getting the best results… So why wasn’t video a bigger deal back in 2003? Why weren’t more people using video for their business? BANDWIDTH.

Let’s not overlook the obvious. It’s going to change the way marketing and sales teams operate. Once a sales person starts using video, they won’t go back. Their prospects will find it captivating and their sales results will go through the roof.

The little brother Bandwidth is about to grow up and it will follow in it’s older, bigger brother’s footsteps of radically disrupting every industry under the sun. So instead of falling into the normalcy bias, start thinking outside of the current boundaries in your industry. Start re-imagining your business.

COVID is allowing all of us to rethink the way our business operates. If you want to play bigger, I need you to be aware of this sea change in business that’s about to happen as 5G starts to transform our lives and then business. 


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