Ep. 129: How to Maintain Control of the Sales Process Using Video

November 21, 2017

Imagine if your prospect understood the value of your solution as well as you did. It would make purchasing your product or service a no-brainer, right?

But how do you package that value together and deliver it in a way that's educational, engaging and transformative enough for someone to buy?

Here at WireBuzz, we've been helping our clients create selling sequences that path prospects all the way through the buyer's journey, from awareness to purchase.

And it always starts with context ...because context is king.

Great marketers (and copywriters) understand context better than anyone. They can step into their prospect's shoes and join the conversation that's already happening in their head.

From there, your content just needs to align with your customer's journey so they can glide through the buyer’s journey quickly —  like a slip 'n slide.

This is how smart marketers control the sales process and predict ROI. And when you add in video, you get even better results.

So if you're excited to learn more about creating an on-demand sales experience that your customers actually enjoy and end with them wanting to buy, then you're going to love this episode of Video Marketing Mastery.