Ep. 98: What Google’s Mobile-First Initiative Means for Your Business

June 28, 2017

Think about the world we lived in 20 years ago.

No Facebook or Twitter.

No stories on Instagram or snaps on Snapchat.

Believe it or not, Google hadn’t even registered their domain name yet.

Now, these digital household names dominate our devices, influence our culture, and drive the ways we stay connected — both personally and professionally.

The ways we communicate and connect with friends, family and brands have changed more in the last 20 years than ever before in human history. The scary part is it’s only moving faster.

For your business, that means a steady stream of change you’ll have to navigate.

Even as a digital marketer, I’m overwhelmed at times with how quickly things change. But if anything, it’s taught me the value of staying ahead of the curve — always looking a few miles down the road. That way I can guide you with smart insights to help you grow your business.

That’s why these weekly news updates are so important. If you want to invest in the right tools and use them to grow your business, you need to know what’s happening in the world of video marketing.

In this episode, Barry Schwartz joins us to explain what Google’s new mobile-first index means for your business, and how you can prepare your website before they roll it out.

Plus, we’ll talk about the latest video marketing news like Facebook’s new mission statement and how Snapchat and Instagram continue to ride the video trend.

Here’s to building a smart strategy that’s designed for tomorrow’s digital world!


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