Ep. 97: How to Improve Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy with Video

June 27, 2017

We’ll be the first to admit…

Inbound marketing isn’t the best strategy for every business.

Depending on what kind of products or services you offer, you might be better off targeting a clearly defined set of accounts or prospects.

In other words, you may see better results hunting (ABM) than farming (Inbound).

But account-based marketing (or ABM) still requires you to be strategic in how you convince and convert your prospects. ABM models are highly relational, so your sales reps need to be savvy in how they reach out and nurture those 1-to-1 connections — especially with digital tools.

That means finding creative ways to increase demand for your product or service through personalized video and email outreach.

Joining us on the show is Tyler Lessard, the VP of Marketing at Vidyard, a video hosting platform that helps businesses drives sales with video. Like me, Tyler is obsessed with helping businesses leverage video to:

- Build deeper relationships with viewers
- Learn more about your audience
- Turn viewing insights into revenue

That’s why I invited him to join me for this episode of the podcast to discuss how to creatively combine video with an ABM strategy to convert more of your prospects into customers.


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