Ep. 79: How to Use Video to Protect Your Business from a Social Media Crisis

April 25, 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard about the United Airlines fiasco that happened earlier this month; the airline overbooked a flight, but when no one wanted to give up their seat, passengers were forced off the plane.

Of course, the way United handled their overbooking situation should not be condoned. But what really damaged the airline’s reputation were the viral videos of Dr. David Dao dragged through the airplane aisle.

Now, images of his limp body and the sound of screaming bystanders are impossible to disassociate with United Airlines, and the public is understandably outraged. This backlash was even reflected in their market value, which dropped by $250 million after the incident.

If you’re a frequent listener of the podcast, you already understand the power of video. But we don’t often talk about how video’s superpowers can work for OR against you.

Turbulent social media videos can cause a PR nightmare for businesses of any size. So in this podcast episode, I’m joined by one of WireBuzz’s Inbound Marketers, Amanda Mollindo, to talk about how companies can use video to proactively insulate themselves from risk.  

Tune in to learn how to safeguard yourself from bad press, regardless of the size of your business.


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