Ep. 127: The Ultimate Reason Why Longer Videos Drive More Sales

October 26, 2017

Time after time, I hear marketers preaching the same “golden rule” of video...

“Your videos need to be short! Shorter videos perform better than longer videos.”

Everyone is convinced that if your video is longer than 2 minutes, it won’t be effective…

Except for me.

Here at WireBuzz, we’ve been preaching a completely different gospel for a long time.

Not because shorter videos don’t work. Those quick 30-second videos have their time and place.

But if your goal is to move your prospect towards a buying decision faster — not just grab a quick burst of attention — then long-form videos are the way to go.

Why? Because longer videos give your most qualified buyers a chance to stick around, learn more about your product or service, then move closer to a decision to buy.

Try doing that with a 30-second video.

Plus, the YouTube search ranking gods will smile upon your longer videos when they keep your viewer on their platform longer.

All-in-all, long videos are still effective in driving sales, and we’re here to steer you in the right direction in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery.