Ep. 126: The 3 Videos Every Business Needs

October 20, 2017

Want to know what the real job of marketers is today?

It’s to be attention hackers.

No, I don’t mean in some sneaky way. Great marketers understand how to stop their audience in their tracks, and give them just enough information to leave them wanting a bit more.

Problem is, most businesses like to overshare and dump all the information they can on their customers.

Just like an overstuffed Chipotle burrito, they cram as much as they can into a website, email, or even a video.

When you think about your customer's’ journey, you need to view that journey as a series of small steps, not one giant leap.

And there’s no better way to lead them through that journey than with video.

That’s why every business — no matter the size or industry — needs three types of videos in their funnel to convince and convert their prospects at faster rates:

  1. Homepage explainer video
  2. Product overview video
  3. Testimonial video

Each one of those videos has an important part to play, and I’m breaking all three down in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery.