Ep. 116: The Three Building Blocks of a Successful Video

September 6, 2017

Looking to create a super successful video?


These three building blocks will give you the guidance needed to create a high-performing video, the first time.


Maybe you’re creating an explainer video [interlink] that educates visitors on your product or service and sits at the top of your homepage. Or, perhaps you need a testimonial video to help move prospects closer to making a purchase by building trust and overcoming common objections.


In any case, you can follow these three steps systematically to ensure the highest ROI for your video.


Building Block #1: Strategy

The strategy is like a map.

It’s the overall campaign plan that pinpoints the end destination and how to get there.

For instance, your campaign goal might be:

  • Getting sign ups for your email list
  • Converting leads into paying customers
  • Or getting registrants for your webinar

The important thing is to define the goal first, then work backward to map out how you will achieve it.

Building Block #2: Tactics

The tactics are the actions that support the strategy, like:

  • Using a specific hook at the beginning of the video to grab the viewer’s attention
  • Applying a certain scripting structure to the video
  • Deciding on an animated video or live action video

And lastly...

Building Block #3: Technique

These are the nuts and bolts that make up the video, such as:

  • The lighting
  • The shot selection
  • The music

Without knowing the techniques, you might miss reaching your end goal.

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