Ep. 106: Selecting the Right Key Performance Indicators for Your Online Video

July 26, 2017

I see businesses make the same mistake far too often with their videos...

They define how successful their video is by views… and that’s it.

Unfortunately, views don’t tell paint the entire picture.

Sure, views definitely don’t hurt. You want a lot of people to watch your video, right? But if you want to track the true success of your video — and measure ROI — you have to look beyond how many people viewed it.

Having a clearly defined set of goals is one of the most important steps in creating videos that succeed online. Before you ever write a script or hit record, your team needs to understand (and hopefully agree on) how success is going to be measured.

That’s why in this episode, I’m breaking down how to select the right video KPI’s (key performance indicators) along with specific questions you can ask to guide your next conversation with your team.

And as always, we’ll uncover all of the major news headlines that matter to video marketers.

Ready? Let’s roll!


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